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These patterns are no longer in print.
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    Dahlias Black
    Dahlias Black
    3 Color Ways
      1. Daisy Yellow with Blue-Flower

      1. Daisy Blue
      2. Daisy Blue

      1. Cruel Summer

    Daisy Red with Blue Flower
    Dearest Blue
    Doily with Fruit Light Blue
    Doily with Fruit Light Blue
    Faux Bois Bamboo
    Faux Bois Bamboo
    Figs Yellow
    4 Color Ways
      1. Figs Yellow
      2. Figs Yellow

      1. Figs Red
      2. Figs Red

      1. Figs Lime
      2. Figs Lime

      1. Figs Blue
      2. Figs Blue

    Flower Basket Pink
    flower basket archive
    2 Color Ways
      1. Flower Basket Pink
      2. Flower Basket Pink

      1. Flower Basket Blue
      2. Flower Basket Blue

    Forever Pink
    Forever Archive
    2 Color Ways
      1. Forever Pink
      2. Forever Pink

      1. Forever Orange
      2. Forever Orange

    Fruit Carts Green
    Fruit Carts
    2 Color Ways
      1. Fruit Carts Green
      2. Fruit Carts Green

      1. Fruit Carts Red
      2. Fruit Carts Red

    Fruit Carts Pink
    fruit carts archive
    2 Color Ways
      1. Fruit Carts Pink
      2. Fruit Carts Pink

      1. Fruit Carts Blue
      2. Fruit Carts Blue

    Fruit Palette Yellow
    Fruit Palette
    2 Color Ways
      1. Fruit Palette Yellow
      2. Fruit Palette Yellow

      1. Fruit Palette Brown
      2. Fruit Palette Brown

    Fruit Stripes Red
    Fruit Stripes
    2 Color Ways
      1. Fruit Stripes Red
      2. Fruit Stripes Red

      1. Fruit Stripes Blue
      2. Fruit Stripes Blue

    Fuji Lilac
    Fuji Lilac
    Garvanza Burgundy on Beige
    Garvanza Archive
    3 Color Ways
      1. Garvanza Burgundy on Beige
      2. Garvanza Burgundy on Beige

      1. Garvanza Magenta

      1. Garvanza Black

    Spring Gerbera Daisy
    Gerbera Spring Daisy Blue
    3 Color Ways
      1. Gingham Brown

      1. Gingham Gold

      1. Gingham Purple

    bloomgreen 002
    Gingham Powder Pink
    giraffe brick
    giraffe arcive
    2 Color Ways
      1. Giraffe Brick

      1. Giraffe

    Glen Plaid Blue