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These patterns are no longer in print.
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    Stripes Archive
    2 Color Ways
      1. Stripes Gold

      1. Stripes Light Blue

    Summer Fruit Purple Leaves
    Summer Fruit
    2 Color Ways
      1. Summer Fruit Purple Leaves

      1. Summer Fruit Lime Leaves

    Sweden Archive
    2 Color Ways
      1. Sweden Cafe Butter Yellow with Brown Plaid

      1. Sweden Cafe Brown

    Talk Spoons Salmon
    Talk Spoons
    4 Color Ways
      1. Talk Spoons Salmon

      1. Talk Spoons Lemonade

      1. Talk Spoons Aqua

      1. Employee Picks, Series 1

    Tartan Plaid Red
    Tattersall White
    Tattersall White
    Tehuana Brown
    Tehuana Archive
    2 Color Ways
      1. Tehuana Brown

      1. Tehuana-Purple
      2. Tehuana Purple

    Tropic Pink
    Tropic Archive
    3 Color Ways
      1. Tropic Pink

      1. Tropic Orange

      1. Tropic Blue

    Tupelo Red
    tupelo archive
    2 Color Ways
      1. Tupelo Red
      2. Tupelo Red

      1. Tupelo Pink
      2. Tupelo Pink

    Utility Cloth Solid
    Veggies Orange
    2 Color Ways
      1. Veggies Orange

      1. Veggies Black

    Vino Blue
    Zebra Archive
    2 Color Ways
      1. Zebra Brown

      1. Zebra-Wine
      2. Zebra Wine

    Zoya Black
    Zoya Archive
    5 Color Ways
      1. Zoya Black

      1. Zoya White

      1. Zoya-Pink
      2. Zoya Pink

      1. Zoya-Lime-Green
      2. Zoya Lime Green

      1. Zoya Dark Blue