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Hello Oilcloth Family!

Today we're going to be discussing how to measure oilcloth for a tablecloth. 

Things to remember: 

- All of Oilcloth International's yardage comes in a standard width of 47.5 inches. If you imagine a roll of fabric, this measurement is the width of the roll itself, and therefore we cannot make it wider. 

- We sell oil cloth by the yard, meaning in multiples of 3 feet or 36". Take this into consideration when purchasing your oil cloth. 

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How to Measure Your Table for Your Oilcloth Tablecloth

1.) Measure the length and width of your table with a measuring tape. Write down this number. 

example: Your rectangular table is 60 inches long.

2.) Choose how many inches of draped cloth you want on either side. Multiply this number by two and add it to your first number

example: You want 3 inches of draped cloth on either side of your table.
3 inches x 2 sides = 6 extra inches. Add this to 60, your table width, which = 66 inches. 

3.) Because Oilcloth International sells in full yards (36 inches) divide your current number by 36 and round up to the nearest yard.

example: Your current number, 66, divided by 36 = 1.83. Round this up to 2. 

4.) This final number is the total number of yards you'll need to cover your table. Please note that if you rounded up quite a bit, you will need to trim down your delivered piece of oilcloth to your liking. 

example: Since your final number is 2, you will need to order 2 yards of oilcloth in order to accommodate your 60 inch table with 3 inches of drape on either side. All oil cloth can be cut without fraying, so feel free to cut any additional length you don't need. 

5.) You've done it! Now it's time to place your oil cloth yardage order!

Enjoy your brand new, fabulous tablecloth! 

Oilcloth International Team