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Oil Cloth Spotted at Trendy Los Angeles Restaurant

Hello Oilcloth International Fans! 

In our quest to find new and tasty restaurants in Los Angeles, we stumbled upon Holbox, a fresh Mexican seafood restaurant that was lauded by the late Jonathan Gold. Not only was the food delicious, but it was presented on beautiful oil cloth! Check it out!

oilcloth tablecloth oil cloth table cloth floral green mums

Mums in Green 

oilcloth tablecloth oil cloth table cloth forever blue floral fruit strawberry

Forever in Blue

oilcloth tablecloth oil cloth table cloth forever yellow floral fruit strawberry

Forever in Yellow 

Photos courtesy of Yelp

It's no secret that our oil cloth makes a vibrant spread for those perfect food photos. Why not check out our full collection of prints and add a splash of color to your home?

See you next time! 

- The Oilcloth International Team 
July 19, 2019 by Cardie Molina
Summer Recipe Ideas with Oilcloth International

Hello, oil cloth fanatics! 

Today we just wanted to share a great article with you from Bon Appétit, which features:

67 Summer Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Cook

oilcloth oil cloth international tehuana black tablecloth table cloth floral mexican fabric

Nothing compliments a great oil cloth tablecloth like a delicious meal, and we're always looking for a fun and creative recipe to try out at home. 

Have you made a meal you're particularly proud of? Take a photo of it on an oilcloth tablecloth or placemat and tag us with the hashtag #oilclothinternational to be featured on our instagram, facebook page and website! 

Happy cooking!

- The Oilcloth International Team

July 12, 2019 by Sam Scheuring
Make sure to follow Oilcloth International on Instagram!

Good morning, everyone!

This is just a reminder that if you love our oil cloth products and designs, make sure to follow us on instagram and facebook! We want to keep you updated with everything that's happening here at Oilcloth International, and we love hearing from you! Slip into our DM's sometime and say hello. 

oilcloth oil cloth instagram facebook chiles polka dot tehuana hibiscus paradise lace pears and apples mexican fabric

Until next time!

- The Oilcloth International Team

July 05, 2019 by Sam Scheuring
Summer Prints with Oilcloth International

Bring on the summer with great oil cloth prints!

Hello, all! The weather's heating up, the kids are out of school, and camping trips and barbecues are in the near future. Time to check out our selection of great oilcloth patterns to compliment your fun in the sun. 

1. Sunflower

Our Sunflower print is an easy choice! Sunny and sweet, we also have this print available in large totes, perfect for perusing the farmer's market. 

sunflower oilcloth totebag oil cloth tote bag

2. Hibiscus

A best-selling classic! Your gateway to a tropical vacation in the comfort of your home. Available in all of our oilcloth products (aprons, tablecloths, placemats, and tote bags) as well as yardage, you can deck out your home with this floral pattern. Check out this great 68" table cloth round, perfect for any standard patio table!

oilcloth round tablecloth oil cloth circle table cloth hibiscus floral

3. Gingham

There's no place like home with this Americana print. Synonymous with outdoor picnics and barbecues, our gingham oil cloth comes in a wide variety of colors, as well as a number of different products. Lay out a cut tablecloth for your picnic table, or change it up with a cute gingham apron for cooking! 

gingham blue apron checks

4. Reunion

Sweet summer dreams are made of this! Our Reunion oilcloth print is great for the whole family. With delicious watermelons in straight lines down the length of the print, it's great for long rectangular tables for your next family reunion. 

reunion watermelon daisy polka dot red green oil cloth oilcloth tablecloth

Happy summer from our family to yours!

- The Oilcloth International Team

June 27, 2019 by Cardie Molina

It's coming... the Oilcloth International Summer Sale!!!

oilcloth international summer sale

Saturday, June 29th, 2019 from 9am to 1pm, Oilcloth International will be hosting its biannual warehouse sale. Early bird specials will be offered from 8:30am to 9am.

Get ready for the summer with new oil cloth tablecloths, aprons, placemats, and tote bags! For the first time, you can choose from our full retail collection. Interested in our retail yardage? Come prepared with your measurements and favorite print, and we'll cut it to order. 

134 N Ave 61 #101, Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA 90042

We'll see you there!

-The Oilcloth International Team
June 12, 2019 by Cardie Molina
Oilcloth Wallets DIY
Oilcloth Wallets DIY

Oil Cloth Wallet DIY Project

Hello again!

We’re back again with a great crafting project, this time from the National Sewing Circle. These DIY Oilcloth wallets are fun and vibrant, are easy to travel with, and wipe-clean. Check out this great article giving step by step instructions on how to make your own oil cloth wallet!

DIY oilcloth wallet

This tutorial shows them working with our cute and flirty Stella pattern in Aqua, but you can choose from any of our beautiful patterns for your next DIY project!

Until next time!

Oilcloth International Team

May 21, 2019 by Cardie Molina
DIY Project! Oilcloth Car Mats
DIY Project! Oilcloth Car Mats

Oilcloth Car Mats DIY Project!

Hello, all!

Being Los Angeles natives, we know what it’s like to be stuck in your car for hours at a time. Why not give your long commute in the car a pop of color with oil cloth? Talented crafter and blogger Crafty Chica does some amazing work with oil cloth, and has made a great tutorial for creating colorful mats for your car! Check out her great tutorial here.

Ready to start crafting? Check out our wide selection of oilcloth yardage to get started on your own project!

Sew long for now!

Oilcloth International Team

May 08, 2019 by Cardie Molina
Oilcloth meets Martha Stewart with these DIY Place Mats
Oilcloth meets Martha Stewart with these DIY Place Mats

Hello, all!

While I’m sure you absolutely love our selection of Oilcloth Placemats, sometimes you just want to combine your own favorite patterns for a unique design. We know that Martha Stewart definitely approves! Check out her post on how to make your own oil cloth table mats on her website here.

Ready to order some oilcloth for your very own project? Check out our great selection of oilcloth yardage to find the perfect pattern for your next dinner party.

Keep on crafting!

Oilcloth International Team

May 01, 2019 by Cardie Molina
A contest!
A contest!
Oilcloth and Instagram a fun fit!
January 24, 2019 by Cardie Molina
To calculate how much oilcloth you need for your tablecloth...

Hello Oilcloth Family!

Today we're going to be discussing how to measure oilcloth for a tablecloth. 

Things to remember: 

- All of Oilcloth International's yardage comes in a standard width of 47.5 inches. If you imagine a roll of fabric, this measurement is the width of the roll itself, and therefore we cannot make it wider. 

- We sell oil cloth by the yard, meaning in multiples of 3 feet or 36". Take this into consideration when purchasing your oil cloth. 

oilcloth tablecloth oil cloth table cloth london floral orange blue

How to Measure Your Table for Your Oilcloth Tablecloth

1.) Measure the length and width of your table with a measuring tape. Write down this number. 

example: Your rectangular table is 60 inches long.

2.) Choose how many inches of draped cloth you want on either side. Multiply this number by two and add it to your first number

example: You want 3 inches of draped cloth on either side of your table.
3 inches x 2 sides = 6 extra inches. Add this to 60, your table width, which = 66 inches. 

3.) Because Oilcloth International sells in full yards (36 inches) divide your current number by 36 and round up to the nearest yard.

example: Your current number, 66, divided by 36 = 1.83. Round this up to 2. 

4.) This final number is the total number of yards you'll need to cover your table. Please note that if you rounded up quite a bit, you will need to trim down your delivered piece of oilcloth to your liking. 

example: Since your final number is 2, you will need to order 2 yards of oilcloth in order to accommodate your 60 inch table with 3 inches of drape on either side. All oil cloth can be cut without fraying, so feel free to cut any additional length you don't need. 

5.) You've done it! Now it's time to place your oil cloth yardage order!

Enjoy your brand new, fabulous tablecloth! 

Oilcloth International Team

January 08, 2019 by Cardie Molina