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Chalkcloth™ Play Mat


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Chalkcloth is a revolutionary flexible and reusable vinyl material that can be used just as you would a chalkboard. This Chalkcloth Play Mat is perfect for crafty kids as well as creative grown-ups! 

Dimensions and Design: 
Chalkcloth Play Mat is 48" x 48" in black, and is trimmed with black gingham fabric. Its size makes it convenient for use on tables or even spread out on the floor! It's phthalate free- so you know it’s safe for everyday use. 

Care and Cleaning: 
With its wipe-clean capability, this Chalkcloth Play Mat is perfect for messy fingers and allows you to use it over and over again!

Note: It is important to cure your Chalkcloth before using it for the first time. Do so by laying down a fine layer of chalk all over the surface, then wipe and repeat. After that, it’s ready for hours upon hours of fun!