The original importer of oil cloth fabric in the USA

Patchwork Tablecloths

The Patchwork Collection is based on a long-lived renewable and sustainable idea. Mending, repairing, and making something new from not much….. our ancestors did it! The result is something unique and delightful that brings us happiness knowing we made something special from upcycling waste.

While you can’t choose the print or color of your tablecloth, every Patchwork tablecloth is totally unique and upcycled from the end pieces of our most popular and best-selling oilcloth prints. Each tablecloth ranges from approximately 50" to 102” in length and the width is 47.5”, perfectly sized for most tables. Each oilcloth tablecloth is bound with a premium red Merrow Edge.

We think the Patchwork Collection will be around for a while and are happy to introduce our Faire Wholesale customers to this new, sustainable oilcloth tablecloth.